TERA launches on consoles

Fans of console-based hacking and/or slashing should rejoice today, as TERA is now out for consoles. En Masse happily touts it in the trailer down below as the only MMO with “true” action combat, which means that all of the other MMOs with action combat are just pretending to screw with your head or something. Have as much fun with that one in the comments as you like.

Regardless of some mildly silly claims, the console version features a new lock-on targeting system, specialized control schemes for each class (which can be customized or changed), streaming tools, and native voice chat. Whether you’re already fond of the game and just want to play it on a console or have never tried it out before, it’s a day for some celebration. Worth noting is that you can still buy the founder’s packs for the game if you want, even though this is the “proper” free-to-play launch.

Source: En Masse Entertainment press release

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Humble DG

Would have been on this is they implemented cross-play between PC and PS4, but since they did not, oh well.


Lol ok… tera is action combat that root you in olace when casting skills but black desert for example is pretending to be action combat… okkkkkkkkkk..


Kudos to En Masse and Tera. Sounds like there are some issues to work through, but I appreciate the fact that they are pushing forward.

For a game that a few years ago some declared a dead anime rpg knock off, it has done remarkably well which is great for MMORPGs as a whole.


Used the twitch code, played for an hour on ps4pro yesterday. Controls are good, using xim4 with monster hunter world profile.

Graphically pretty bad. To be expected to a point, but for many of the early cutscenes there were no textures loading on many surfaces

Once to Velika my frame rate dropped to below 10.

Lot of optimization work needed here. Don’t recommend blowing actual ¥£€$ until fixed

Gamer Alek

Yep, and these are problems they have had since PC launch. Still not fixed.

But hey, you can buy an exclusive $60 item pack, with even more items that you can only claim once.
Still not sure how account bound items are not on the consoles. This screams cash grab to me. To make matters worse, no one from EME is communicating with their player base via the official forums.

The similarities between this and MHO are extreme.

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Jack Pipsam

Best of luck to them.