Crowfall’s April Q&A focuses on quality of life improvements

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The host of small improvements and tweaks that result in a better operating game client and a more enjoyable user experience can be just as — if not more — important than a new zone or class.

Crowfall’s team knows this, which is why it has devoted April’s developer Q&A video to quality of life concerns. Topics up for discussion this week include default castles in Eternal Kingdoms, combat logs, user interface scaling, and even possible plans for a phone app. As for the last item, the team said that it’s not a launch feature but it is definitely on the list of projects that should be addressed following the game’s release.

Check out the full Q&A video after the break!

Source: Crowfall

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I’m not generally a PVPer when it comes to MMOs but hot damn does Crowfall seem poised to make me a believer.


Love everything these guys are doing. Game is really shaping up nicely.