Kritika Online will release Windhome on April 18; check out the full reveal tonight

En Masse has been teasing Kritika Online’s Windhome update for a bitsy already, but today, it’s going to flat out infodump on its players. I warn you: There are adorable fox people.

“Set for release on live servers on April 18 Windhome introduces the first level cap increase for player characters since the games release in 2017, raising the maximum level from 65 to 70. With the increase in the maximum level comes the brand new Windhome region, home to the Fox clan who will help players as they journey through new danger zones within the region. New gear featuring the new Prime Attribute system, which unlocks a powerful array of special abilities, and upgrades for existing gear will also be included with the update.”

En Masse will be streaming a full reveal this evening at 6 p.m. EDT; you can check back here at go time and watch it down below!

Source: Press release

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Bruno Brito

I am highly sure that the pose she’s making is suboptimal for weaponry combat.

Never change, manga artists.

Never change.