Ultima Online is officially going free-to-play on Thursday, outlaws multiboxing

It was just how things were done then.

If you didn’t already know that Ultima Online is planning to go free-to-play, you probably still wouldn’t be able to tell without reading between the lines of the latest dev update. But yep, this is happening – on Thursday.

“We anticipate Publish 99 will be going World Wide on April 5, 2018,” Broadsword says. “This update will be done manually, and not during regularly scheduled maintenance. […] Shards will be brought down at 10:30am ET. We anticipate the downtime will last approximately 3 hours.”

As we’ve previously covered, new and returning players will be able to jump in as part of the “Endless Journey” mode, sans subscription. They’ll have the same number skills, the same access to dungeon content, the same access to PvP Felucca, and the same access to chat. But they won’t accrue vet rewards, can’t place or co-own houses, can’t place vendors, can’t place auction safes, can’t farm champ spawns, and can’t participate fully in live GM events. They’re also limited to just two characters.

All accounts will automatically be granted all past expansions up through Stygian Abyss – note that doesn’t count the booster packs like High Seas or the most recent expansion, Time of Legends. As for storage? It’s not set in stone. “We are still actively developing means of allowing Endless Journey accounts access to some level of secure storage,” Boardsword says. “These options will not be part of the initial release of Endless Journey and may come at a later time.”

Also worth noting: With the launch of F2P, multiboxing will officially become illegal play in the game. That’s according to the game’s newsletter yesterday:

“Please also remember when we release Endless Journey we will be taking actions against multiboxing users. We will be posting once a month on UO.com the number of warnings/bannings actioned against violators so you are aware we are catching people. We will need your assistance with this and we are asking that you page on the players you are witnessing using multiboxing.”

If you’re considering giving it a go at server up on Thursday, just make sure you check the list of what you can and can’t do as a freebie player. Housing is probably the one bound to upset the most folks!


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Donna Sweeten

Don’t let the old style graphics fool you, this game is amazing. It has features no other game has, and an amazing community of long time players. Try it out, and give it a real chance. Talk to people, check out the world, and make some new friends. I play on Legends shard. It’s mid sized, and less crowded. If you are looking for a lot of people then Atlantic is your best bet, but it’s crowded.

Kickstarter Donor

Couldn’t imagine playing UO + 20 years of patches as a new player…Would highly recommend people try classic(ish) player-run servers instead.


Awesome, I’ve always been interested in checking this game out but never really able to justify at the time to pay for another sub. I’ll have to try this out finally


Do they have a cash shop for the f2p players? If not – and it doesn’t sound like it – then this seems like a very generous free to play mode. Seems almost a bit too generous to me.

In any case, I sincerely hope this will be a huge success for Broadsword and the game!


Veteran UO players eagerly awaiting friendly new F2P faces:

lion stalking.PNG

This would be relevant 20 years ago. Today you never have to leave the safe world.