Chronicles of Elyria walks you through the process of gathering and crafting

This won't get tedious as hell after four minutes.

The crafting system for Chronicles of Elyria has been overhauled in the latest test build, and it is all about making sure that your characters do not have something so simple as filling up a bar to craft. That’s a commendable goal. But it also doesn’t want you to play a minigame to craft, either. Instead, you’ll be going through a process described as being as close as possible to actual crafting without requiring you to actually get degrees in any of this.

So, if you want to craft a sword, you’d better be prepared to dig up rocks, look for ore, smelt down impurities, hammer the metal, shape the metal, learn about quenching forged steel, and generally go through a wide variety of steps to get the basic weapon finished. It’s meant to be a game in and of itself, and considering the sheer amount of detail offered in the latest development dispatch, that sounds like a defensible claim from the design documents.

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I want to see a working game before I make any judgement…

P Jones

Yet more pie in the sky crap. This game still has nothing real to show after years. They should have launched last year.Now its about a year from today. No chance they get stuff like this done. How about they stop adding new features and release a damn game?

Robert Mann

I like a lot of this. I’m still leery of the game with royalty, the difficulty to depose, and the like via real life $$$$$… but much of the rest of the game seems like it is truly worth watching to see if they can deliver.

Hanthos Taal

Really liking the way they’re approaching this.

Toy Clown

My respect for this dev team grows the more I learn about them and Chronicles. They’re tackling things that haven’t been seen, or have been minimized to quick and easy, in many years. I daresay since SWG!

I think the moment I was totally sold on them is when they published a list of player-submitted names that were rejected and gave examples of names that fit beautifully into the world they’re creating.

If they can stick to the integrity of the product they are creating, I’ll be impressed. The game ranks up notch by notch on my watch list!