Defiance 2050 puts out the call for beta testers


With Defiance’s reboot scheduled for this summer, Trion Worlds needs as many testers as possible to help run the game through its paces.

This is why the studio has put out a call for Defiance 2050 closed beta testers. The beta is scheduled to run from April 20th through the 22nd across all of its platforms (PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4). The beta will be limited not just in its duration but also scope: Players will only be able to level up to 25 and will be contained to Mount Tam and Madera for adventure zones.

Producer Matt Pettit urged interested parties to sign up today:”Getting players into the game as soon as possible is hugely important for us. We are creating Defiance 2050 with player feedback in mind, so this beta test is going to be essential for getting information from Defiance fans on where they would like to see us improve and where they’d like to us take the game.”

Learn more about Defiance 2050 from our interview with Trion Worlds and our recent hands-on experience at GDC!

Source: Press release
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