Pantheon offers special PAX pledge tier worth $1000, gives five of them away in contest

Among the more unusual business model setups for the incoming wave of indie MMORPGs is Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s. As we’ve previously covered, Brad McQuaid’s Visionary Realms studio offers pledge packages for would-be players that range up to $10,000, payable in monthly chunks. The particulars have allowed the studio to sometimes dodge complaints about having a pre-alpha sub as well as about having high backer tiers, when in reality, it pretty much has both.

If that doesn’t bother you because you really want to see another McQuaid game reach live, then you might want to point your eyeballs at the game’s latest pre-order package in honor of PAX East. It’s similar to the regular-flavor $1000 tier, with a few extra perks, including pre-alpha access to let you hop into the game in May.

But if it’s all too rich for your blood, you can enter Pantheon’s contest instead; the studio is giving away five such $1000 packages. All you’ve gotta do is live in the US and fill out their little email form by the end of the convention.

Massively OP is at PAX this week and we do indeed have a meeting with the Visionary Realms team, so stay tuned for our hands-on with the game!

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Kickstarter Donor

Rumormill says Pre-Alpha is the same 3 zones they’ve been showing off for over a year and nothing new is being developed.


Remembers Vangaurd
Decides not to give money to untrustworthy game developer.

Bryan Gregory

I’ve admittedly been in the same boat in the past, even though Vanguard’s problems weren’t ALL his fault. The difference this time however is that Vanguard didn’t really have much media, but with Pantheon we’re seeing everything from the start. Pretty much every month we’ve gotten a newsletter and a stream so we can actually see for ourselves exactly what is going into this game. It’s very very easy to watch the streams and videos and discern that this isn’t going to be another Vanguard. Now whether the game is actually enjoyable to play ourselves or not is another story, one for which we’ll have to wait and see.

Bryan Gregory

As much as I hate not being able to play ASAP, I still think this method and the outrageous costs are right for them. The average player doesn’t really understand what pre-alpha or alpha or much less beta is supposed to mean. Alpha is not meant to be a playable game. As an example, a year ago when I played the Crowfall alpha, it was pretty much what could be expected of an alpha – you could log in, choose a character, run around, fight the very few mobs around, and that was just about it. If I had to give my opinion on the game at that point, I’d have told anyone I know to avoid this horrible game like the plague. If Visionary Realms were to give the general population access to the game right now, it would probably cause irreversible damage, due to the amount of people who would claim the “game sucks,” despite the fact that they aren’t really playing “a game” right now. So right now they’re only seeking money from people truly invested in the game, the kind of person who’s probably going to like it no matter what just because of who’s involved and what the game represents. If you’re not one of those people you’re better off waiting till the game is closer to beta, where you’ll have to buy two copies of the game for $50 each for access.


You – “including pre-alpha access to let you hop into the game right now.”
The article you linked – “Instant access upon checkout is not available. Game keys, directions, and access to the pre-alpha forums and schedules will be delivered after May 1st, 2018.”

Also – “All you’ve gotta do is live in the US and fill out their little email form by the end of the convention.” – Almost correct. You need to sign up for the Monthly Newsletter by providing your email. No “little email form” to fill out.

Hope this helps. Thank you.


I’m seriously tempted this time around. I am bored with all the other offerings around at the moment.

Kickstarter Donor

I’m so torn and conflicted…

I love crowdfunding as an alternative to needing to find proper investors/a publisher for smaller games and whatnot, I think it’s a fantastic alternative. But I also hate how exploitative and ludicrous some of the crowdfunding schemes are and how much money they can actually pull from backers who may never even see a finished product.

I’m not really a fan of this kind of move, but I still hope that Pantheon gets finished and releases. I dig a lot of the concepts, even if their handling of the funding side of things has been…let’s say less than stellar since the start : /


Wait, is the tweet saying there is a 20% markup if you pay on a monthly installment? #communitymatters indeed.

Play fortnite or solitaire instead.

Cosmic Cleric

I’m all for game devs not being under the control of publishers, making the game they want to make, but this is just getting to be too damn much.