Black Desert prepares to switch service providers for better service

Graphics and music aren’t the only aspects of Black Desert that are getting an upgrade — the team announced that it will be switching service providers later this month to improve the game’s performance.

The MMO will go offline on April 25th to make the big switch, which is estimated to take around 10 hours from start to finish. The service provider switch is focused in North America and will include additional security measures to ward off DDOS attacks.

“Our goal is to increase the overall connection stability experienced by players for both Europe and North America regions,” the team said. “Measures were taken with the North America servers due to the inordinately high number of incidents causing disruptions to our service. We intend to apply further measures in the future in a manner that permits our team sufficient time to monitor and analyze the effects of these changes.”

Readers will recall that players have been agitating about the game’s stability in relation to its server hosting for some time, reaching a fever pitch this past weekend, when hundreds of people from two dozen guilds staged a mass-protest to bring the EU servers to a crawl in a demand for new hosting, among other PvP-related assurances.

Source: Black Desert. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Toy Clown

I’m not a PvPer, so I’ve never been affected by these issues. But the forums and in-game protests have been lit up with demands that Kakao fix the server issues. Russia seems to have a server problem as well and is timing their fix along with the NA/EU fix.

I’m just sad this is taking place on my day off. Looks like a day of Secret World!


10 hours?
If they’re switching providers, doesn’t that mean that DNS changes will have to propagate and that takes what, 48 hours to be sure?


I thought so. But, I’m just an armchair IT dude. As long as you don’t put in a ticket, I don’t care. ;)


Heh. It takes some brass ones to do this. Seriously. You know there will be pain, plenty of pain, until the new provider irons out the kinks. After all, we aren’t talking about a few seats on a closed network using MS Office. Lol. I hope that the new provider is ready.

But Kudos to Kakao. They acted in the best interest of their games. They didn’t turn a blind eye, or ignore the player base with a shrug explaining that everything is ok in their lab.

I hope it works out for them and players will appreciate this as they experience rough spots shortly after the transition.


The service disrutpions have been so frequent I have lost out on a lot of paid sub time(Value Packs)with the game with little to no compensation and even less concern on Kakao’s part with tickets etc. I stopped giving them money a few months back and also stopped playing outside of daily logins in hopes of them fixing things.

The other hurdle I’m having with wanting to keep playing as a level 60+ player is the awful equipment upgrade system. I’ve been playing since launch and it’s fairly indefensible as being a good, engaging, or fun system.

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I really enjoyed the game to begin with, and a couple of chars made it to around lvl40.
But just as you, the gear and gear upgrade system finally frustrated me enough to stop.
I wish them a smooth transition to the new provider, and if the gear system ever sees a major revision, i might well return to the game.

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Only time I have been active in a game when the service provider was switched was in Lotro. All I can say is I hope that the BDO player have a better experience with their switch that us Lotro players did because it was pretty awful for a good few months after.


I never thought this would actually happen and I am kinda (happily) surprised they’re doing this. I always figured someone had done the math that the cost to switch isn’t worth the value they’d get from switching. The main thing I hope to gain out of this switch is general server stability and performance.

However I don’t think it’s going to solve the issues people think it is. Deep down the game coding has to be changed to handle the kinds of battles people are looking for. If 8 or 10 or 16 guilds still drop on a region the new servers still likely aren’t going to be able to handle it.


Well they have Ascent: Infinite Realm coming out that will likely use the same servers, so they had no choice. If A:IR wasn’t a thing, I bet they would have gone on business as usual.

Carl Robert

To be fair I’ve never seen an MMO be able to handle large scale PvP without lag