Final Fantasy XI’s April version update adds adjusted tools and scrolls, new content rotation

Contains some monsters.

For all of the improvements made to Final Fantasy XI over the past several years, some things were still harder than they needed to be. Case in point: playing a Ninja and trying to track down your various Ninjutsu scrolls. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier with the latest update, which makes the necessary scrolls and several of the tools easy to purchase directly in Jeuno. Of course, there are other ways to get both the tools and the scrolls, but now you can just buy them if you haven’t yet tracked those other options down.

This patch also brings out the new rotating reward for Dynamis – Divergence content, with a new area getting bonus rewards each time the Conquest rewards are tallied. There’s also a new rotation of Ambuscade content and a new system for enhancing job-specific capes, both of which should bring a smile to the faces of players. It doesn’t make the game easier, per se, but it does make things more straightforward.

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