PAX East 2018: Ashes of Creation will launch alpha one this year


Ashes of Creation will hit alpha one by the end of the year, Intrepid Studios announced today during its panel at PAX East. The game slipped into a phase it’s calling “alpha zero” back in December.

“The first phase of this public test for all Alpha One level backers will focus primarily on combat, hosting large amounts of players for our siege and warfare systems,” says the studio. “Leading up until the start of Alpha 1, we will still be inviting more players into the Alpha Zero Friends & Family tests.”

Massively OP is at PAX East this week and slated to meet with Intrepid tomorrow, so stay tuned for more coverage, and check out the new PAX video below!

Source: Press release
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Watched the PAX panel. I have to say, they have amassed a very talented team. Extremely impressed.

Denice J. Cook

This game is at PAX East (I just got home from it), but the lines were so long I gave up on trying it. ;)

Surprisingly, Blizzard not only had a gigantic chunk of the floor, but its WoW expansion demo PCs were even more swamped with lines.

I can see people wanting to try new games that aren’t out yet, but it was interesting to see the 14-year-old MMO generating even more interest.

Loyal Patron
Bývörðæįr mòr Vas´Ðrakken

I’ve played some games where it felt like carrying the mount would be faster but that is the first time I have seen an mmo where the option is to carry the horse instead of the horse carrying the player… lol. it is amazing how much detail they are getting built without the normal mile stones.

Duey Bear

Game looks like a colour-saturated TESO, which is pretty darn good. Going to wait for the beta or later myself, because I want a really good first impression.


My brain initially interpreted that headline as ashes of creation will launch this year, and then after fully processing it it made a lot more sense haha