DayZ to reboot with a new game engine but still won’t leave early access


Is it weird that it seems so long ago that DayZ was the “it” survival arena game for streamers? How quickly we’ve moved on, yet undoubtedly some of the game’s population remains. For those faithful, the team is preparing to transition the sandbox shooter to a completely new engine in what it is calling a “reboot” of the title.

Bohemia Lead Producer Eugen Harton told PCGamesN that the transition will take place in the coming month: “We’re releasing DayZ on a new engine in a couple of weeks on PC, and it’s gonna be coming to Game Preview on Xbox this year. That’s basically our aim. I would almost say it’s a reboot of DayZ on PC.”

Harton hedged on both comparing the game against the popularity of Fortnite and PUBG while remaining silent altogether on when or if the title will launch out of early access. Which, for those counting at home, DayZ has been dwelling for four freaking years now.

Source: PCGamesN
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