The Day Online streamlines the MOBA format


Believe it or not, there are studios out there still trying to break into the heavily cornered MOBA market. For Korea’s Reloaded Studios, the strategy is simple: Make a MOBA that cuts out the fat and delivers a lean experience.

Meet The Day Online, a free-to-play third-person action MOBA that throws players into close quarters, gets rid of excessive farming, eliminates personal resources, and speeds up the gameplay cycle.

The title just went into early access this week and features three battle arenas and four game modes. There are already 28 champions from which to play, and the team has plans for even more heroes as well as a massive 25v25 arena.

Source: Steam
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A few months ago when I saw an article about a Korean hero game and saw the trailer, it depicted something completely different. It gave me the feel of something like 3rd person Ghost in the Shell First Assault type, the video showed a fast TTK and a more dynamic environment.

When I played the beta, it was nothing like that. It felt like they took heroes from LoL or Dota 2, removed the minions and made it 3rd person with a crosshair. I tried liking the game, but it just feels extremely boring.

I can’t subject myself to this anymore and I don’t see it evolving much from what it is.


I hear these actually started out as a MMO before the dev’s decided to swerve several months into development and turn it into a MOBA instead. Shame. Would have rather have seen how the former turned out.


That looks… really bland. Like there doesn’t look to be any strategy involved, it’s just an objective-based third person shooter. I’m honestly surprised no company has tried to bring back something like SMNC yet. It was so stupidly ahead of its time and the only real hurdle it had was that UberEnt shot themselves in the feet with their microtransactions and having a system akin to LoL’s (old) runes.

Tom R

I don’t really know the behind the scenes of SMNC, but it felt like UberEnt just bailed the second they hit a snag in growth.

It was a really solid mix of action shooter and Moba. I still think about the times I had in that game every so often. I wish they addressed the design flaws instead of just moving on to the next shiny thing.


I played the heck out of the original, Monday Night Combat. SMNC definitely felt awkward and it wasn’t until Turbo Cross? that I started enjoying it more, since that mode scaled settings back to feel more like MNC where heroes had more impact over minions.

It’s disappointing as hell because the series seriously could’ve benefited greatly if it was released ~2-4 years later. They pushed it out during the time period where LoL and HoN were the only real DotA-like standalones. It would’ve been better if it had adapted business models used later on by games like OW or DotA 2.