Roblox botches Ready Player One Easter egg hunt

A one-of-a-kind movie tie-in with the recently released Ready Player One put the popular game platform Roblox in the hot seat with players.

The event involved players rushing all over the game to decifer clues, grab keys, and go on a huge Easter egg hunt. The culmination of this event was a 10-question quiz about Roblox, after which successful entrants would be transported to a victory field to grab a golden egg and win a special hat.

The problem was that the game bugged at the end of the quiz, keeping players from advancing. More and more players reached this stage as the game held them back, eventually fixing the bug and allowing everyone into the final arena at the same time. Those who were first to answer the quiz felt robbed of their fair shot at a win.

The studio apologized for the bugged event: “Roblox itself is a relatively small tech company and our intent here was to create an awesome experience. We hit a hiccup on the adventure but we hope you understand that nothing malicious was being done here and in the end the gameplay was still an even playing field.”

Source: Kotaku

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Damn you, Robocox !!