Blade & Soul’s Automaton Assault event dungeon goes live tomorrow

Tomorrow’s a big day for Blade & Soul players: NCsoft is dropping a new update with both content events and gameplay tweaks. The headliner is the Automaton Assault event dungeon, which will be open through May 2nd.

“Players level 50 and above can help Hongsil regain control of Princess Bloodlust by accepting Helping Hongsil from your Quest letters. After you run to Hongsil’s Workshop and complete the Daily Quest, Automaton Assault, you’ll receive an Automaton Assault Chest. The Automaton Assault Chest contains 5 Shop Gears (event token) and a chance at 1 Princess Cannonball (cannon token), along with some additional rewards.”

NCsoft is also adjusting daily challenge quests, Temple of Eluvium accessories, and Sundered Nexus drops. The video walkthrough for the new event dungeon is below!

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4 Comments on "Blade & Soul’s Automaton Assault event dungeon goes live tomorrow"

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Should be a fun event. Light on the content, to be honest, buy good fun nonetheless.

The event dungeon will be fun for all 50 skill levels and a daily. Also the rewards for this event seem pretty good considering we just finished Trove which usually level sets the marketplace for high priced goods, making them cheaper.

BTW the vid above begins at 9:55.


…so does that mean that red dress (which I can turn pink) won’t drop anymore? :(


And we have some new outfits dropping. We will see if there isn’t one in the mix that can be pinkafied.


No. But it will not drop anymore for awhile. If they follow what they did last year, the dress will come back as part of another event or rewards later in the year.

Keeping an eye out for it. I have a couple more Trove chances.