Crowfall streams another set of patch notes from the future

Tiptoe through the something-or-other.

Skill trees are pretty darn important to Crowfall, so it’s also pretty darn important when the development team announces that said trees are getting some overhaul and simplification. There’s also changes to the way that the game handles accrual of skill points over longer-term leveling, with a pretty stark divide between free players and VIP members, which is going to further affect players in terms of leveling things up. Be prepared for growing pains.

The reading of the patch notes also includes notes about the game’s Vassal system, which is currently working but not giving players all of the messages that might be necessary (if you kick Ron off of your property, for example, Ron won’t see a message when he logs in next time). You can hear about all of the changes coming with the aforementioned future patch by hopping down past the break and watching the whole video, although you should also be aware it’s an hour long.


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The divide between VIP and non-VIP (i.e. those that buy the box and nothing more…..wait, it is B2P with a VIP/sub tack-on, right? Not just straight up F2P with alternatives similar to ArchAge?) is a substantial thing…..but a necessary one at that. However with mention of ArchAge, there needs to be breaks right now in any attempt to Cash Shop additional “skill booster” items that will make whales the most viable option available.

Subscriber vs. non-subscriber can be argued until the end of time. However the bottom line is an MMORPG with live updates is a constant service. The real term would be “supporters vs. non-supporters”. Those that buy a 1-and-done option of box only aren’t long-term supporting the game, and shouldn’t complain if they’re not reaping the same benefits as those that are long-term supporting through subscriptions.