Dauntless charges into open beta on May 24


Dauntless is a game in which fleshy mortals willingly attack beasts twenty times their size, so this is not a title that deals in hesitant and half-hearted moves. In that spirit, the multiplayer behemoth battler has had enough of the protection of closed beta and will be dashing into its open beta phase next month on May 24th.

When the free-to-play open beta hits at the end of next month, it will include regular content updates and endgame activities. A cosmetic shop will be active to sell vanity items, and there will be no lootboxes in the game proper. The founder’s program will be ending on May 23rd, so if you want to secure one of those packages, you now have a deadline.

The closed beta phase started back in September 2017 and enjoyed a good measure of popularity, with over 100,000 players testing Dauntless to date. The studio said that an additional 700,000 gamers have lined up for the open beta experience.

Source: Press release
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Coolio! I’m about finished with Toukiden 2 so I need another MH clone while I wait for MHW on PC. I guess I have God Eater, but Dauntless has been piquing my interest for a while.


is this one of those no wipe, ‘soft launch’ things?

bill bunny

Yeah on mmorpg.com they say it is gonna be soft launch with no wipes after that date

Alexander Smith

To my understanding there isn’t going to be a wipe of what players have already done either. It’s one of the things they’ve been pretty adamant about during development.