Dual Universe gives players all of the tools to build their own galaxy


Contrary to what you may have believed, Dual Universe isn’t going to limit its sandbox features to the creation and flight of personal spacecraft. This week, developer Novaquark is promoting the game’s robust creation toolset which should allow players to colonize an entire galaxy.

The voxel-manipulating tools will allow players to build outposts and structures. This isn’t your chunky Minecraft style of voxels, however, but a much more flexible and good-looking system. Terraforming, city construction, cave excavations, and spaceship design are all being handled on both the macro and micro level with these tools.

“Whether they’re building a single structure on a small scale or working together to forge an entirely new civilization on a massive scale, Dual Universe’s tools empower players to build however they want,” the game’s press release said. “Novaquark simply sets the rules and establishes the universe, but everything that grows, falls, is rebuilt, and shared within this universe is and will always be a community-constructed endeavor.”

Check out what these outposts look like after the break.

Source: Press release
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A giant universe of penises… I can’t wait…


You would think so? But surprisingly that was never a issue in Landmark. Not so sure it would b e here either.

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Looking forward to this. Reminds me of Landmark. Hope it works out. :-)


Was gonna say, it sounds like sci-fi Landmark.