RIFT Prime lays out progression server plans

The path ahead for RIFT’s thriving new progression server has been revealed, as Trion Worlds finally laid out plans for what’s to come on Vigil — as well as the live servers.

The first batch of new content since the server’s release is about to be unlocked later this month with the Greenscale raid. Players can already start working on the life and death sagas in preparation for this. Several expert modes of dungeons are coming as well as nerfs to some standard mode dungeon bosses. The Port Scion PvP warfront is due to be opened, and PvP in general is getting a lot of attention and adjustment from the team.

Past that, players can anticipate the River of Souls update, a 20-player looking-for-raid tool, new world events, and the Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls slivers. Work has started on the game’s Summerfest 2018 event with a new theme for both live and Prime. The team also said that it is trying to tackle ability lag, class balance, and bolstering in PvP.

Source: RIFT
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Looking forward to the 10-person stuff but will pass on the 20.

Malcolm Swoboda

There’s the good share of complaints about their content pace (people expecting to raid within first month), but its about what I personally expect: March for leveling and starting endgame, April for endgame and starting raiding T1 (GSB, slivers!), May likely for continuing T1 (ROS!, etc) and padding out features (Chronicles hopefully?), June perhaps for T2? or July latest.

I’m all fine with that but RIFT isn’t the only game I’m playing and I’m definitely NOT even keeping up with Prime Challenges at this point (and even resent them).

I suppose Prime could have released with all 10 original Expert Dungeons, but eh.. doesn’t bother me.

Bryan Turner

How are Warriors in the Open World, and as End Game Tanks these days?


I’m not sure how much of it is just crap or what but the main chat channels seem to be full of warrior complaints. Now that’s specifically about DPS though. I have no idea on the warrior tanking viability.