Skyforge launches Overgrowth expansion and kicks off anniversary event

Spring is here, plants are growing, and Skyforge has germinated an expansion for players to harvest right now. Overgrowth is live in the game, bringing a new class and some welcome features to keep player gods busy.

“After being lost on a distant planet for many years, the goddess and her new companions, the Grovewalkers, have returned to Aelion,” the studio says. “But it is far from a triumphant return: the goddess is chased by hordes of the Phytonides. Machavann’s avatar has awakened and the enemy is preparing to attack with renewed vigor.”

The cornerstone of Overgrowth is the new Grovewalker class, which bestows characters with nature-based spells and allows them to transform into “living armor” for additional abilities.

Beyond the Grovewalker, the update adds a challenge (read: achievement) system that should grandfather in some accomplishments that players had previously attained. Adventures now have three difficulty levels from which players can choose: warm-up, challenge, and nightmare.

All three of Skyforge’s platforms are also celebrating its anniversary through May 2nd. Aelion Day includes special quests and chase rewards such as cosmetics, stimulants, and even premium game time.

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