Blade & Soul patches in a fight against a robot

Domo arigatou.
A new Blade & Soul patch has arrived, and it is indisputably the best patch the game has seen because it allows you to fight a giant robot. Don’t waste your time complaining that a giant robot doesn’t fit the game’s milieu; you have to fight a giant robot, which brings you one step closer to being able to pilot a giant robot, which is clearly the desired end point.

Specifically, the patch introduces the Automaton Assault event dungeon through May 2nd, pitting players against Hongsil’s maddened creation, Princess Bloodlust. There’s also an associated limited-time jackpot with a new outfit in the mix, so you’ll have even more reason to throw in your lot against the crazy robot.

Other features of the patch? Well, if you really aren’t sufficiently delighted by fighting a giant robot named “Princess Bloodlust” for some reason, daily challenge quests have been updated and Chromatic Thread is now bind-to-account. But the main focus, as mentioned, is fighting a giant robot. That’s a good thing.

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Currently playing and enjoying Revelation Online, it made me want to go back and try B&S, to be fair i didn’t give it enough time like i did for RO.


Nice. Yes, the event dungeon is fun. The Princess is quite a handful. Lol

Mechanics are required but it is easy to see what needs to be done. And the rewards are good.

However, as events go, it is definitely a bit lite compared to what we are used too. The event currency doesn’t drop from enough daily dungeons and the Princess content has a daily lockout.

But, meh. Good enough to brighten my BnS Life.


…never got my dress in the end though. :(


Yup. But there is still time Uta. People are selling them. If I find one, I’ll let you know.

But… yeah, chances are low that it will be and easy find. On the other hand, it will come again soon.