Dark and Light buffs ranged attacks to counter accidental nerf

Houses aren't that great, don't hoboshame me.

The eternal struggle between online game developers and combat balance continues, with the focus this week going over to Dark and Light. Turns out that the last time the team balanced the game, they accidentally nerfed ranged fighters. Time for more balance!

“Previous patches buffed character hp and melee attacks, which ended up indirectly nerfing ranged combat and spell casting,” the team explained. “We want there to be more options for each Adventurer, so they can choose which combat style is right for them. In order to do this, we’ve adjusted the balance for ranged weapons and spells.”

As ranged fighters have some fun with their new buffs, beginning players in Dark and Light will find it an easier go now that the team has culled aggressive carnivores that were patrolling outside of the starting cities.

Source: Patch notes
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