Lost Ark prepares for its final Korean closed beta test

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Ready to raid Smilegate’s Lost Ark? You’ll still have to be this Korean to ride the ride, but if you’re able and willing to handle the translation, you could find yourself checking out this action MMO this spring.

This is thanks to the fact that Lost Ark is preparing to accept applications for its final closed beta test in Korea. Once April 19th hits, interested parties can apply on the website for the Korean CBT. This build will include two additional classes, the Hawkeye and the Soul Master, as well as several new dungeons and a card battling minigame.

As one of our 20 MMOs to watch in 2018, Lost Ark has generated a lot of excitement over its visuals and fast gameplay. Last summer the title launched its second closed beta test in Korea that featured treasure hunting and sailing while busting out a brand-new website.

Source: MMO Culture

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Indigo Salma

I just hope they don’t forget about the english release.

Daniel Miller

I think the website mmo is shameful. They received a tip that Astellia kr game had a cbt. No article.

Yet they cover lost ark. For the record cbt lost ark carries over and yea four accounts i have for the new cbt. You dont need to be korean. But have a korean arc number which you get with a work permit.