Portable forts and a replay function parachute into Fortnite

A jetpack could have prevented this.

Just when you thought that Fortnite’s battle royale couldn’t get any crazier, Epic Games keeps upping the ante with ideas like Port-a-Fort.

That’s right: There are now portable forts in the PvP mode that can be deployed in mere seconds. But that’s not all that came with the recent Patch 3.5. Fortnight also added a cinematic replay system, an updated version of the 50v50 limited time mode, four cyberpunk heroes, and neon weapons. On the downside of this patch, guided missiles had to be disabled due to a bug.

And going back to that replay system, it sounds like there may be a contest brewing in conjunction with it: “With a suite of cinematic settings you can now capture your most memorable moments, highlights and cinematics. We can’t wait to see what you create. You have an opportunity to win phenomenal prizes with the replay system… very soon.”


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Hmm. I’m all for innovation. It is the very thing that put Fortnite on the map and is making PUBG look over very worried.

BUT, if you tweak a successful recipe too much, it will begin to taste like crap.

Instant forts? Not needed. Players have the ability to build as it is, and yes, good players know how to use it. That is part of the fun.

Now, the good thing, or at least I hope, is that Fortnite can try stuff like this out and pull it if it doesn’t really work well in practice. I hope this is one of those times.


Portable Forts isn’t the greatest of ideas they’ve had. The good players can build their own fort in seconds. It’s what sets them apart and makes them the good players. It’s what sets Fortnite apart as a game from other Battle Royale games. Deploying a full fort seems to be help for the people that aren’t good at the game and could very well screw with the strategies people have developed already.

We’ll see I guess. It all depends on how the major players react to it. I don’t think it’s a good idea, but we’ll see how it turns out in practice.


Epic reduced the skill ceiling in a few ways with this patch and I agree it’s bothersome that they’re doing this. There’s now a very notable delay between swapping weapons or going from Build mode to weapons now, which only high skill players really took advantage of previously when it came to weapon swaps and quick-builds and such.

Epic seems like that company that found lightning in a bottle but is now trying to do everything they can to make it stay on top (esp. given H1Z1 and PUBG fell off pretty hard after their few months/maybe one good year of popularity). Now they’re just trying to make it as mass-appealing as possible (especially because a big part of their audience are kids), and that means lowering the skill gap in pretty blatant ways. The portable fort grenade thing is nuts because it’s a well-constructed metal tower whereas most folks when they’re quick-building will just default to wooden boxes with ramps and such. Killing folks’ abilities to “edit” also does nothing but screw over high skill players.

Seems like the only thing that could really screw over Fortnite BR now is if Epic continues to make changes that screw over high skilled players.