The Elder Scrolls Online previews the mechanics of jewelry crafting

Making fine artifacts for you.
One of the biggest additions with the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is the inclusion of crafting skills for jewelry. That might seem little, bit since those vital rings and necklaces can support some diverse builds, it’s especially important to have those items now be open for crafting. The process should feel familiar to experienced crafters, but there’s still a full guide available on the process for anyone who wants to try making the prettiest possible necklace.

If you’re not concerned with any of that, though, you still probably enjoy the game’s anniversary event bonuses, so you’ll be happy to know that the game is extending its anniversary celebration by an extra week through April 23rd. Get a double experience buff, eat some cake, and celebrate being in the game. Possibly by picking up the raw materials you will later turn into a lovely ring. Everything feeds into everything else.

Want more on Summerset? We got hands-on with the game at GDC and PAX.

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After reading over the jewelry crafting information they’ve put out, it looks like they’re making it unnecessarily grindy. Only able to research one trait at a time, even with a maxed out research passive? Locking certain trait stones behind completing certain activities (similar to Nirn traits only being in Craglorn)? Some of said trait stones only being obtainable after refining 10 of them into a stone proper (like certain style items)? Even the upgrade material needing to be refined in the same manner?

I’ll hold my judgement until I see how much of each item is required to create a given item, but suffice it to say that this is the first DLC/”Chapter” that I’m not enthused about. I have yet to complete the Vvardenfell chapter or DC zones, so I’m not as pressed to get this yet.


Actually it is not really grindy. The whole point is to make it so that players do not unlock everything super fast. Like they always do. Only using one trait makes sense when you compared it to the other crafting skill lines.

Example: Woodworking you have six items and they each need nine traits to research. Researching three traits at a time make sense. Since you have more items to research. This is the smallest amount of items to research right now. Leather working and Smithing both have fourteen items and each needing nine traits.

Now jewelery crafting will only have two items to craft. Rings and Necklaces with nine traits each. Researching three traits at a time would kill the time really fast since you only have to research a total of eighteen traits compared to woodworking ‘s fifty four traits. With research scrolls and the research passives, this will take long compared to other crafting skill lines.
Everthing else is going to be sold in the guild stores because everybody is going to to want to profit. Wait a couple months to get hard traits because by that time you should have the other traits researched. Five of the traits can be easy to get from just playing simple regular pve. One each frim dungeons, trials, and pvp can be easily bought from someone if you do like that content.


Talking about subs last night and ESO has to be the best sub option of all time.

Like if you sub up to ffxiv for example, you think well what do i get for me $15, oh right i get to play the game.

SWL you get a cache key everyday, but only if you make the effort to log in.

We talked about other games too but none came even close to ESO’s sub deal

to buy 1500 crowns cost u $15; You get that in your $15 sub, but lets not stop there the entire game is free, well one exp pack or is that even free now too, haven’t played in quite awhile but my sub is still running lol, and you also get a bottomless crafting inventory bag… there is stuff i’m probably missing but even at that level i’m unaware of other game that has this much bang for your sub buck?


I don’t care about the prices, BA style has been out for a while now as is still stupidly expensive so I’m happy to get motifs I would never otherwise get, as well as stuff like transmute crystals that I would never get as I do not PvP.


Aw nooo. I used to make a lot of money by selling motifs. But with all the motifs from event boxes the prices are crashing.

I’m really happy about events, but flooding the market like this feels wrong. Everyone is stockpiling motifs in the bank waiting for better prices, this event will hurt the economy for months. :(