Heroes of the Storm updates players on balance and competitive rankings

Heroes of the Storm updates players on balance and competitive rankings

If you feel as if the Heroes of the Storm team has been worse than it should be about communicating with the playerbase and explaining how issues are being handled, the good news is that the development team agrees with you. The latest letter from the team notes that communication has been worse than it should be, and it outlines a number of steps being taken to improve match balance, like the addition of a new ban pick during the mid-ban phase.

Other areas are still being discussed; intentionally dying during a match is a form of toxic behavior, for example, and the team is still working on the best method of sussing out when someone is intentionally dying rather than just not staying alive. The team is also looking into the right balance to strike for time in the queue vs. match quality, something that comes up especially on the highest skill levels. Check out the full rundown for an idea of where the game is going from here.

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This is something I noticed when I checked out the HotS subreddit and was watching chu8 play HotS last week, was that the subreddit had several high-vote threads complaining about the state of the game. Blizzard pretty much nailed every single complaint on the head and responded to all the issues, even did an AMA earlier today giving more transparent answers about why things are the way they are, why they prioritize things, etc.

Gotta give credit to Blizzard for actually listening and responding to the worries/complaints/etc. as things were really looking gloomy with community outcry over pretty much everything they addressed.


Kudos to Blizz for doing this. There are definitely some things that need attention but no more or less so than any other MOBA (I play a number of them).
If they can start to smooth out some of the crazy stuff then i think they will be on track. The game is already successful (despite what many think).