SoulWorker Online adds high-level PvPvE operation


What’s the newly launched SoulWorker Online to do to keep players occupied as they dash up the levels? Turn them on each other, of course!

The dev team activated a new PvP operation that is accessible at level 55. The operation, called Dimension Trip, opens up three times every day and hosts between four and eight players per match. The special arena tosses both monsters and players at each other as they move through four successive sectors, earning points as the teams race against a 10-minute clock.

Once an arena bout is concluded, ranks will be handed out and rewards divvied up accordingly. It sounds like players will get a special currency that can be exchanged for items from a crafting vendor.

As for the upcoming raids update:

“As mentioned previously, we were not aware of the changes released yesterday (12.04) on raids and we have investigated to get more information. It appears that this update is needed for future raids and since we are already working on future content, we’ve decided to keep this change. As the update was not intended to be rolled out already, we apologize for the lack of documentation and we will provide you with more info as soon as possible. […] Quests related to the raids are not working currently (since they were not updated at the same time). Our team is working on it and we will inform you as soon as we have a fix for it.”


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