Final Fantasy XIV confirms its next major patch in late May

If you were watching the most recent Final Fantasy XIV live letter, we can only hope you speak Japanese. It would be pretty hard to follow otherwise. But the official Twitter account did tweet out some short highlights from the video, including the release date for patch 4.3 in late May. The new patch will naturally include more parts of the MSQ, new trials, a new dungeon, and the next part of the Return to Ivalice series bringing players to the Ridorana Lighthouse.

The patch will also include Namazu beast tribe quests, the new Deep Dungeon installment in the already visible Heaven-on-High structure, a new component of the Eureka expedition, and a new Ultimate battle against the Ultima Weapon. There’s also the promise of the long-awaited FFXIV companion app, allowing access to market boards, inventory, and friend chatting. Of course, the actual live letter had more information, but we’ll have to see how soon the digest with all of the translated features arrives for players who don’t speak Japanese.

Source: Twitter
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Diego Lindenmeyer

new p2w , ieie

Arsin Halfmoon

How bad is it that the only thing I’ve been waiting for since Stormblood’s release was the new Deep Dungeon?

Danny Smith

Good then i will finally play again. Because honestly Eureka is so anti fun i just outright stopped logging in with nothing else but that to do. I can’t remember the last time i saw content in an mmo and was outright “yeah i’m not doing this anymore” like i have with that. I disliked it so much i almost let my 5 years and counting sub finally stop.

Can’t say i’m that surprised about the premium features issue on the mobile app. For a sub game FF already has quite a few paywall options and a cash shop. Theres only so many things a service can try to make ‘ala carte’ before it all tallys up and the total will make some feel like a sub isn’t full access anymore but the bare minimum. in a vacuum the mobile app is negligible of course but it seems like a lot of players are feeling content you sub for is slowing down but ‘funpay minibuy’ stuff is only increasing. Thats going to lead to unhappy consumers and right now i think the vibe in the FFXIV userbase is the lowest its been since pre ARR. Not that bad of course but things aren’t sunshine and roses right now.


Denice J. Cook

This whole “they don’t translate it anymore” thing is reallllllly bugging Eliot. You can just tell. ;)


If I was watching the Live Letter (which I was), I mostly would just read the English on the slides presented (which I did), which was easy enough to follow and I’m pretty sure provided as much if not more information than their Twitter announcements did.

Did you know that the next 8 man trial is a secret, and that it’s not related to the four lords story that is getting more to it, just not a trial like it did last time? Or that the new deep dungeon will involve a type magitek based “grand summoning” feature?

Maybe it’s worth watching it after all, even if you don’t speak Japanese.

Anyway – glamour items in the glamour dresser being recoverable is a really nice addition to that system, crossworld linkshells will be nice (hopefully the cautiously low cap gets boosted relatively quickly), new deep dungeon looks fun and will be nice for getting through that 61-70 level gap, and the beast tribe will certainly help several of my FC mates who are working on crafting (I’ve only three more to take to 70 and will have done so before the end of May when the patch hits).

The free side of the companion app looks nice, not sure if the premium perks are worth the price (and I think there might be a bit of a tempest in a teacup situation going on in reaction to that – I get not liking tying certain elements to it, but I’ve seen some vitriolic and doom n’ gloom filled reactions in the hours sense the LL ended).

Vincent Clark

You nailed it with the tempest in a teacup situation. I think I need to take a break from reddit after today. Some of the comments were just ridiculous. Quite a few FFXIV players have become jaded, spoiled I-want-everything-for-free types.

Arsin Halfmoon

Lets be honest here, a lot of those people complaining are a bunch of wannabe hardcores who probably can’t even clean up after themselves.