Final Fantasy XIV confirms its next major patch in late May

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If you were watching the most recent Final Fantasy XIV live letter, we can only hope you speak Japanese. It would be pretty hard to follow otherwise. But the official Twitter account did tweet out some short highlights from the video, including the release date for patch 4.3 in late May. The new patch will naturally include more parts of the MSQ, new trials, a new dungeon, and the next part of the Return to Ivalice series bringing players to the Ridorana Lighthouse.

The patch will also include Namazu beast tribe quests, the new Deep Dungeon installment in the already visible Heaven-on-High structure, a new component of the Eureka expedition, and a new Ultimate battle against the Ultima Weapon. There’s also the promise of the long-awaited FFXIV companion app, allowing access to market boards, inventory, and friend chatting. Of course, the actual live letter had more information, but we’ll have to see how soon the digest with all of the translated features arrives for players who don’t speak Japanese.

Source: Twitter
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