RIFT: Three more ‘content milestones’ in 2018, progression server’s lifespan extended

RIFT: Three more ‘content milestones’ in 2018, progression server’s lifespan extended
Trion Worlds is stepping up its communication game this week, first with a post on the imminent plans for RIFT’s progression server and then slapping down a huge developer Q&A on the entire MMO this past Friday. By the way, one of our biggest pet peeves here at MOP is when devs churn out livestreams with important information but fail to put any of that in writing, so major props go out to Trion for giving us both written and video versions of what’s coming for the game.

Both the live and progression servers received attention during the livestream. The studio said that it’s increasing the RIFT team and has plans for “three more content milestones” in 2018. “There are live systems and balance needs that we want to give love before discussing what a next expansion looks like,” Trion said.

As for the progression server, the studio said that it is extending the lifespan of Vigil, saying that the team has slowed down the initially planned pace of content unlocks to match players’ progression. There will not be any schedule posted for the server, but Trion did focus on the upcoming Greenscale raid on April 25th and various class balance issues.

If you’d rather have the long version, the 50-minute developer livestream is waiting for you below.

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Having played most Fresh Start servers, this is by far the worst one I’ve ever experienced. Seriously, if you’re looking for a classic RIFT experience this is nothing like it, you’re better off saving your money and running the old content on live for yourself.

Any criticism gets an instant ban on the forums for “trolling” thanks to Brasse’s “Think only happy thoughts” policy. As far as the server goes, the skeleton crew working on RIFT were woefully unprepared to tune ANY content or class abilities. If something was OP they just disabled it for weeks. This mistake was in part due to a design decision to use the same code as live, so absolutely nothing could be done for tuning and balance without impacting the live servers. Also, as you might of heard in the last live steam, they are getting 2 of their “floating devs” back to their RIFT team. Yes, despite their PR release of being WILDLY successful it clearly wasn’t all hands on deck over at Trion’s RIFT team and the community and players felt that lack of support.

It took me 12 days to level with exp being cut down drastically at the start.(slower than original release) Which meant if you didn’t exploit the EXP boost from rift invasions, you spent a few extra days grinding dungeon trash in the same instance a few extra days.

During that leveling experience you felt a constant 3-4 second delay between pressing an ability and it registering on the server. Despite Brasse publicly stating it was an internet routing issue the players had, they finally acknowledged the issue after a few weeks, but made no actual improvement. The ability lag finally improved, but it was after the first month so I can only assume a majority were done with weeks of no support or improvement.

Once 50, both the regular and expert dungeons rewarded personal loot and most jumped directly into experts because the gear and encounters were not tuned at all. They actually had to create a new loot table once they realized expert dungeons were dropping better ilvl gear than the original first GSB raid gear.

Class balance is pretty much nonexistent and they have Roughrapters who isn’t even a class designer trying to figure out the backend on the classes to try and help but he has no support and its honestly to little to late. After a month and a half of people playing a severely under powered class, they either re-rolled or just plain quit. It’s become a long-standing joke that if you got 3 warriors in a group LFR you were in for a really BAD time. Feels bad for the players playing that class.

With Brasse telling the community people who run “numbers” and look up class rotations for the best spec possible are only 5% of the community you can really tell the disconnect between the casual game RIFT has become over the majority who joined RIFT prime to really experience a challenging and rewarding progression server.

They know they need to push out the GSB Raid to keep people playing, but after they released T2 experts with the same loot table as T1 experts the chances of them making GSB rewarding and fun look very grim. They have already acknowledged GSB will be LFR and personal loot which means the gearing processes will be 100% RNG. This means the one guy in your guild gets four purples over your none in a raid and any sort of in-guild class competitive spirit completely vanishes and you’re left feeling inferior thanks to RNJESUS.

At the end this “fast-paced” progression server is actually slower then the original RIFT launch. I feel really bad for the developers working on this project because at this point it feels like a quick cash grab from Trion before the server becomes a ghost town.

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Thanks for the perspective. I have to say, this fits a lot better with the image I have of Trion and RIFT than the “wild success” narrative they’re putting out there.

RIFT was always casual-dominated though. This started to annoy raiders (and other good players) as early as 2012 or 2013, because whenever they’d queue a dungeon through LFG they’d be teamed with randoms who did 3 dps and would stubbornly proclaim “I like to play this way” when confronted with it. This is why people (including me) started forming dungeon groups through chat, so messages like “LFM SLE 20k+ DPS” started popping up, and a few years later “LFM NTE 40k+ DPS” etc. Which in turn pissed off the… bad players (there’s no way to put this nicely) because they couldn’t get easy carries anymore, and often had to work hard for a long time to complete the dungeon together with other 3 dps randoms.

In the end, I don’t think you can ever make a game that pleases all player styles / types. There’s such a massive difference between a real gamer who is there to overcome challenges and a random casual who is there to walk around, read story and look at the prettiness of the online world. Throw them both into the same content and there will always be conflict.


Huh, cool to see Rough Raptors got a job at Trion. I remember him being a regular forum poster years ago when I actually gave a care about RIFT enough to be on the forums regularly myself.

Bryan Turner

He’s been working there for years, I think he still curates his Warrior Tank guides too.


Well shows how little I’ve paid attention to RIFT and its community since F2P, lol.

Malcolm Swoboda

Just what I thought:
Early 2018 – Live minimal patching (continuing POA), Prime launch focus (starting Classic)
Late 2018 – Live low patching (continuing POA), Prime advancement (Classic/SL)
Early 2019 – Live low patching (finishing POA), Prime advancement (SL/NMT)
Late 2019 – Live 5.0 expansion, Prime advancement/finishing (NMT/POA, continuing due to success or shutting down to funnel people into Live expansion)
2020 – Return of Prime or similar, if successful enough but first server shut down. Live 5.0 patching.

To make up for the wait for Live players, they may add another endgame zone and such, but otherwise priority may be to conduct class balancing and proper instatement of what people expected for POA anyway (dungeons, chronicles?, raids, fleshed out content because Vostigar Peaks is even missing achievements, etc). Or rather, relatively more PvP focus while using PvE resources to make it even a proper expansion anyway, instead of rushing to 5.0. Once that is more sorted, they can spend next year to make the expansion that would have otherwise released this year.

Content milestones will be Spring/Summer (May; April is Prime Time), Summer/Fall (Aug/Sept), Fall/Winter (Nov/Dec), or so.

Prime will last longer than a year as long as it has the population, as expected. Especially since there’s more stages to go through in Classic advancement. Storm Legion may have similar but not as difficult. Nightmare Tide won’t have so much, but it’ll be a ‘nightmare’ to grind through for players unless retuned for shorter term subscription play instead of F2P grind.

My general guess for now:
March (done) – Classic release, up to some Expert
April – Expert, T1 (Greenscale’s Blight)
May – T1 (River of Souls)
June – T2 (Hammerknell or not)
July – T2 ( Hammerknell or not)
August – T3 (at least Ember Isle)
Sept – T3 (up to Infernal Dawn)
Oct – Storm Legion, up to Expert

I don’t think they’ll release Nightmare Tide this year, Storm Legion may not even finish, and I think Classic will last months more than the shortest expectations. Each raid tier will be top for at least weeks, but I’d imagine it being more like it lasts at least a month, maybe two.