Sea of Thieves corrects its course with six planned content patches for 2018

The widespread criticisms that Sea of Thieves is rather lacking in the content department has not fallen upon deaf ears at Rare. The studio most certainly is feeling the pressure to give its antsy pirates more to do, and in a recent 14-minute developer diary, plans are put forth to make it happen.

Three content updates are planned to roll out over the next few months, followed by another three this fall. First up is “The Hungering Deep,” which will arrive in early may and add a new world event, more rewards, and a sinister new threat. “Cursed Sails” comes after that with a new type of ship, followed by “Forsaken Shores” and a fresh region of the world to explore.

In addition to the three content updates, Rare said that it will try to run weekly events. This all comes at a price, as the team’s shifted focus will delay the rollout of ship captaincy and pets.

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Aiun Tanks

Wake me when the PVP isn’t FFA.

There is no such thing as PVE play in a game where PVP can occur anywhere and everywhere. It just makes the game ENTIRELY PVP. It’s just a matter of when.

Steely Bob
Steely Bob

I knew it!

Dug From The Earth

Im trying to stay hopeful, but it feels like bungie all over again.

Hate hearing crap like this from devs:

“We’ve got this beautiful world to explore, but arguably no reason to do it”

Come on now, pull your head out of your ego. There is no reason to. Period. No argument about it.


Hopefully they’ll be able to deliver. They purposely kept details vague/foggy to not spoil surprises ofc but it’ll be interesting to see how much comes out and what the actual executiin of weekly events will look like.


We should make some sort of meta game about what games promise. Drinking game? Naw, we’d all die.