Defiance 2050 delays its console closed beta event, but the PC event will go on as planned


A couple of weeks ago, Trion announced that it was prepping a big closed beta test for Defiance 2050 across all platforms – this very weekend, in fact. But it appears the test will be suffering a delay, at least for console players.

“The Defiance 2050 closed beta test will run on PC this weekend (April 20 – 22),” Trion’s email blast this morning reads. “In order to best optimize the experience for all players, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the closed beta test are being moved to a later date. We will communicate the updated console beta dates as soon as we can.”

Trion announced the console-oriented reboot back in February; the MMORPG studio has since promised it won’t abandon the original game and can’t support full crossplay but will credit classic Defiance players in the new title. Signups are live on the official site.

Want to know what to expect? We got hands-on with the reboot at this year’s GDC.

Source: Press release

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John Kiser

This seems to basically be the same game minus class archetypes. Did they actually change anything other than that?

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I just checked my emails for this and it seems that I am in the beta. All that needs to happen now is for real life to co-operate and give me the time to try it out. :-)

Kickstarter Donor

Same—was in the spam folder. Gmail was trion to save me from crushing disappointment.


Yeah, same. For me it depends on when I can actually get it downloaded. I’ll be annoyed as hell if they don’t open up downloads until the day it starts.