Next year’s EVE Fanfest won’t be in Iceland, obviating your efforts to properly spell Reykjavik


Last autumn, when CCP Games began dumping assets and studios and VR holdings overboard, it also sent almost all of its EVE Online community team packing too. At the time, it caused some players to wonder about the fate of EVE Fanfest as well as its spinoff versions like EVE Vegas, so we were all relieved to hear that this year’s Fanfest would go on as planned.

But CCP is apparently planning a shakeup of its gatherings. Next year’s event won’t be held in Reykjavik, Iceland, breaking a 14-year tradition to hold it in CCP’s own back yard. The company says it’ll instead hold 2019’s events across the continents, so there will be one in Europe, as well as Australia and the US (Vegas and one on the east coast too). CCP further says that’ll hold one event inside one player’s home, which is definitely something I do not want to have to clean for, so I will not be entering the video contest for that, but you folks definitely should. We’ll bring the popcorn.

MOP’s Brendan is on his last flight home as I type this, so stay tuned for more Fanfest coverage from him when he lands!

Source: Fanfest, VG247

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Icelandic hospitality industry is not amused.

Kickstarter Donor
Chris Neal

Nevermind spelling it, I still am reasonably sure I’m mispronouncing Reykjavik. Rake-ya-vick? Am I close?

Kickstarter Donor

One of the coolest things about fanfest I always thought was that it was in Iceland, not to mention the boom it brought for its economy.

I could never survive a journey in a plane from New Zealand to Iceland anyway so no matter how much I have wanted to attend I never likely would.

Will be a bit odd having it in multiple places, because whoever gets it first everyone will watch it online and the venues after will just be second hand info, unless they do them all at the same time but with time zones and what not I don’t see that happening.


But,but…the airfaire was CHEAP to Iceland (around $300 round trip)…

Sally Bowls

And, for the ultimate in irony, one could fly there on WOW Airlines. Down to under $100 each way by May.

Sally Bowls

That was unexpected. One of the bigger drawbacks, Iceland, was also one of its bigger draws. Kind of sad the EVE players will not have an excuse to go to Iceland.

I suppose there is also some business convenience. No need to save up big announcements for Fanfest since there will always be a regional FF in the relatively near future.