Humble Bundle and cut deals for online games

Oh, you wanted to use these things. Huh.

Looking for a few good deals on MMOs and multiplayer games? Both Humble Bundle and are running some sales right now that might cut you a deal on a title you’ve been eyeing.

Humble Bundle’s Sci-Fi Week includes price breaks on No Man’s Sky ($23.99), Osiris: New Dawn ($12.49), the standard version of Elite: Dangerous ($13.49), the commander deluxe version ($31.79), and the season pass for Elite: Dangerous Horizons ($17.99).’s Most Wanted Games Sale isn’t quite as relevant for the online gamer, although you can pick up Grim Dawn for a respectable $7.49, Torchlight for $3.79, and Torchlight II for $4.99.

Source: Humble Bundle, Thanks Dave!

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Toy Clown

Derp! Just bought Grim Dawn a month ago for 20$ on Steam, I think. It’s a pretty decent single-player game with the ability to play with friends.

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Meh, they need to bundle those things with a couple of 48h days, since my standard days are not long enough for all that ?

Indigo Salma

No Man sky is a great game , it just needs more things to explore on planets. I literally found a planet with absolutely nothing on it just open fields and hills of grass with no trees, rocks, animals or any other types of props or resources.

Iv’e been struggling to find the planets they showed in the trailer or any other ones that looked that amazing.


It is all procedurally generated sadlym but agreed definitely a hidden gem ruined by overhype(i never bought half of it)

Stkmks Returns

Yeah. Since the last patch ages ago its basically elite dangerous by hipsters, for hipsters. I think its much better on ps4 though, no mods but the controller makes sense and the hdr effects push the graphics score just that little bit higher which adds up.

Do hipsters still exist?

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MGS V is $5 on Humble right now as well. Picked up because holy hell is that stupid cheap, even if I generally have little interest in the MGS series.

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Ooooh nice I’ll be grabbing this