Lineage 2: Revolution talks about server merges, new servers, and more content coming in May

Lineage what, now? Huh?

Server merges happen. You may not want them to happen for a game that you’re playing, but they’re sometimes just a simple necessity. Of course, if a game is doing well, you’d rather see new servers cropping up rather than merges. So how do you feel about both happening at the same time, which is exactly what’s taking place in Lineage 2: Revolution? (It’s fine if your answer is “confused.”)

Yes, the game is merging down several of its lower-population servers into new servers to help bulk up the game’s population and improve matchmaking, while also preparing for a new server for everyone who wants to start fresh at the same time. It’s just a little bit unusual. The good news is that characters will be deleted during the merge only if a player hasn’t played in 30 days, has no transaction history, and has no characters over level 10; otherwise, characters will possibly need renaming but nothing more.

The game is also preparing for castle sieges and new dungeons with its May patch, so there’s a good reason to get server populations up now rather than later. And considering that the game is apparently boasting about being a top-grossing mobile title, it’s clearly doing something right despite server merge oddities.

Source: Official Site, Twitter

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Diego Lindenmeyer

this is normal in the Lineage world. xD

Chosenxeno .

This is the norm for Browser Games. Yes. I said Browser Games. That’s all these mobile games are really.


I’m not surprised as mobile games are significantly shorter lived than PC games. The mobile player are less committed and have shorter attention spans.