Secret World Legends’ new lead designer wants to know what you want in the game

We go down, down, down.
The new guard is moving into Secret World Legends following the surprising departure of Game Director Romain Amiel. Chris “Nirvelle” Meredith is taking over in the lead designer spot, offering players a quick rundown of his history with Funcom as well as some tantalizing hints about where the game will be heading in the future.

If you were hoping for bigger hints than “more missions to flesh out New Dawn,” you may be somewhat disappointed with those hints, but they are hints.

Meredith is also looking for feedback from players about what can be added to the game that isn’t there currently; players are asked to leave suggestions about what one thing could be added to the title for the future separately from the usual feedback threads. It’s a chance to have your voice heard about the longer-term development of the game, so if you’ve got ideas and want them to be known, now is your moment.

Source: Official Site (Thread 1, Thread 2)
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