Star Trek Online spruces up Deep Space Nine for the expansion

While Deep Space Nine and the Gamma quadrant are the chief focus of this June’s Star Trek Online: Victory is Life, the space station actually has been in the game for a long time now. However, the developers feel that the place wasn’t up to snuff and decided to use the expansion as an excuse to bring DS9 up to code.

“We’ve rebuilt the entirety of the Promenade ring to match the show,” Cryptic said. “That means all of your favorite spots are there, including one you’ve already got a sneak peek at in the recent episode ‘The Renegade’s Regret’ — the Security Office and its Holding Cells. In addition, we’ve updated or added the Infirmary, the Bajoran Temple, the Klingon Deli, the Jumja Stand, the Replimat, and of course, Garak’s Clothiers. Oh, and how could I have forgotten, Quark’s Bar!”

To expand and flesh out the station, the developers used blueprints from the TV show and screenshots from several episodes. Much of the show was referenced, in fact, filling up a folder with 2,600 screenshots to aid in the reconstruction process.

Source: Star Trek Online. Thanks Castagere!
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Chris Giudice

I’ve been on the fence for a couple of months now.
Is the game worth getting into as a complete noob in 2018, or is it pretty much dead apart from the endgame?

Castagere Shaikura

Garak’s Tailor shop and the Klingon deli has me drooling. Remember the fat Klingon that owned the deli and he would sing Klingon songs to the costumers. Man i hope we get him in there.

Kickstarter Donor

Damn, guess I’ll have to check it out. I liked what bits were on DS9 last time I played, felt a lot like the show even if it wasn’t totally accurate. Still stoked at the number of DS9 actors they got for this update, that’s going to be awesome to hear them all in-game.


Yeah, DS9 is my favorite social zone to hang out in and it’s my favorite series.

When you look at the revamped screens they previewed, you realize how god awful the ingame DS9 really is and the new version looks amazing.

the guys at cryptic have really upped their game on environment design in the last few years and the results are amazing, the pathfinder/voyager bridge, the ESD re-design, the new story mission planets. all really amazing.

I’m really looking forward to the DS9 revamp.


I was expecting an update of the outside, especially since it recently got a little bit destroyed. This is very nice, and It will be nice if those giant ramps in Quark’s are gone. But please keep the third level.


they did get rid of the giant ramps! they even added the spiral stairs! and Quarks is also open from the promenade, no more having to zone into it, you just walk right in, the counter beside the doors also is now open to the main promenade and the second floor entrance at the rear is now there too!

it looks awesome.