Bless Online details the origin and reasons behind its faction conflict


There are two factions in Bless Online, so you can be sure that both factions want to make sure that the other faction no longer exists. The real question is why the two factions are at odds with one another in the first place, and helpfully, the latest post from the developers explains exactly that. In short, it’s not just about territory, it’s about two different styles of governing that are explicitly incompatible with one another.

To sum up a fair amount of lore, the Hieron is the northern order-based faction, while the Union is the southern freedom-based faction. The Union dislikes the social order and rigidity of the Hieron rule, while the Hieron faction likes the social order and rigidity of its own rule (the fact that the Union races tend to be on the bottom of that order is mostly icing). Of course, there’s more to it than that, so you may wish to read up more to understand exactly why your faction wants the other faction dead.

Source: Steam page

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Duey Bear

There’s a lot more to it, but yes, it’s heavily based on the Italian vs German rivalry.
Union = Descendents of the long since collapsed Roman empire.
Hieron = Holy Roman Empire trying to re-establish control south of the Alps after losing control 25 years previous.

The two used to exist in a fair amount of harmony, but when a confederation of displaced tribal nations (Ogres, Nagas etc) invaded the Hieron empire they isolated the south from the north, and the north did not have the resources to defend the southern cities which each ended up having to fend for themselves. The Hieron empire eventually defeated the confederation and liberated the southern regions, but at this time the southern regions had reignited their regional Lumen identity due to having to fight and die without the support of the north. When Hieron attempted to resume collecting taxes, rioting turned to rebellion and the powerful Sforza family took the helm.

The south has dreams of re-establishing the Lumen empire (which would include conquering the north), so neither side wants to just hold their half and call it good.

Yoshi Senpai

Detail the combat overhaul and the cash shop.


We will see that info after we would purchase early access. Why show your hand when you can fold and still win.

Yoshi Senpai

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Carl Robert

Really? Conservatives vs liberals!? It’s 2018 and they can’t do better than that?


Not much more.

And that was about the dullest, least inspired setup for a game’s backstory I have read in a long time.