MechWarrior Online adds the Solaris arena with its newest patch


Unlike the usual battles in MechWarrior Online that are part of savage and cruel wars, the battles in the newly added Solaris arena are there ostensibly for entertainment. In lore terms, anyhow. You might wonder why in the world a society that spends all of its time blowing itself up in giant robots would want to watch giant robots blow each other up as a diversion, but that’s what the lore says, and that’s where we go. And hey, for players it means a new form of 1v1 and 2v2 arena with a totally new reward structure, so why ask too much about it?

Players can also pick up the new Fafnir ‘mech or the Solaris hero ‘mechs to provide an extra edge in battle while they climb up the leaderboards. Climbing the leaderboards, signing with patrons, and earning accolades in battle allow for players to unlock new rewards, and if you want an extra bit of flair you can play around with the new bolt-on features for your various giant war machines. It’s not really a gladiatorial arena if you don’t have a nice big crest on your robot, after all.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Scott for the tip!

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chriskovo .

Fun so far but the announcer says some weird ass things. Even insults the loser too sometimes. Overall very funny though.