Path of Exile gives its cosmetic shop a facelift

It’s safe to say that Path of Exile will live or die based on its cosmetic shop, as the title famously does not charge for any content. Grinding Gear Games has decided to give the shop a visual facelift in an upcoming patch that will also allow for easier changes down the road.

Players will notice a “larger, clearer” user interface for the shop that also includes better navigation and categories for searches. They’ll also be able to search for certain items by key words.

“We have more plans for future improvements, which we will roll out as they are ready,” GGG said. “One of our most impactful plans is a tagging system that allows you to refine your searches by theme and use tags to cross reference themes or microtransaction type. We would also like to add a setting that allows you to hide microtransactions that you already own.”


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This was needed. I could never find anything in that mess of a shop interface. Basically everything was one long list to scroll through.


There was a huge reddit post bitching about the MTX shop the other day. I wonder if they just spent the last day building this or if it has been in the works? Got to hand it to them though I don’t think Ive ever seen a online game change systems so fast and so often based on community feedback. Usually it is seems the smallest thing takes about a year of waiting and some ridiculous price tag attached.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

The MTX shop is virtually unchanged since its launch. They added a much needed cosmetic tab and item sort for the character screen, but nothing on the shop. They’ve done an upgrade of everything else, so it was due.

Gotta say, it looks mighty fine.