Kritika Online welcomes you to Windhome with a level cap increase and more

Nap time’s over, it’s time to play with the big boys and girls! En Masse trotted out a huge content update for Kritika Online this week with the introduction of Windhome.

This small town is dealing with all sorts of issues, and players will be spending at least five levels trying to sort its laundry out. The patch raises the level cap to 70, adds four new “danger zones,” introduces the Dusk gear set, adds prime attributes for more character customization, and increases the enhancement limit of gear sets to +19.

“The Windhome Update sees the conclusion of Abeland’s storyline which leads players to the new region, Windhome,” the update’s press release said. “An encampment in constant struggle between invaders and the Fox clan, players will find new quests in the windy region that will bring them to the new maximum level cap of 70 as well as exciting challenges like the Ultimate Danger Zone, Eeri’s Library.”

Source: Patch notes

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