Riders of Icarus runs dual events to get your attention

Riders of Icarus runs dual events to get your attention

Hey, here’s an MMORPG we haven’t talked about in a while! Nexon’s Riders of Icarus is making a bid for players’ attention this week with a pair of spring events that offer both buffs and rewards.

First up is the Icarus’ Blessing server buff, which will run through April 26th. This constant buff will increase character XP, familiar XP, up the change of rares to drop, improve taming chances, and make the player stronger and tougher in battles.

Running from now through May 3rd is the Rider Returns event as well, designed to call back previous players who haven’t logged in anytime over the past two months. With this promotion, returning players will get a special reward every day for the first seven days he or she is back, including an aventurer’s package, 14 days of premium service, an outfit, a Maid Daveen pet, and a mecha cat mount.

Source: Patch notes

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Castagere Shaikura

LOL special reward to player that haven’t logged in for 60 days only. Not the players that have been loyal to them. Yeah this will go over well.

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Emmanuel Carabott

While I have no doubt there will be backlash over this I dont feel like there should be. Business are free to do whatever they want to attract new/old customers!

plenty of business do that ! We dont hear people complaining because say a certain audio book company gives you the first book for free if you sign up do we?Sign up bonuses are quite popular and essentially thats the same thing (giving benefits to people other then your loyal customers.)

Chosenxeno .

This game with it’s 30 day Costume rentals can fuck right off.