RIFT progression server activates its first two raids

Yesterday RIFT’s progression server took a step forward, pushing the line of content forward with some old endgame activities.

Two 10-player raids, Drowned Halls and Gilded Prophecy, were activated. To help plug players into these instances, the looking for raid tool has been included without any threat of a raid lockout. The raid difficulty will be the same whether or not you use LFR.

Trion Worlds also added mage tank loot in the patch and fixed some issues with the ignore command and crafting reagent purchasing.

Next up is the Greenscale Blight raid, which is coming on April 25th.


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Looking forward to doing some DH once my gear is up to passable. I didn’t enjoy GP quite as much back in the day because the brightness of the sand would give me a headache after a while. (Shimmersand is like that but GP seems to somehow make it even brighter)

Malcolm Swoboda

Neat. However, maybe detaching from Prime ~May due to being too busy.