DOTA 2 is bleeding players, SuperData says

lol, valve

Things are looking slightly grim for Valve’s MOBA, as SuperData reports that DOTA 2’s playerbase is in decline as the game continues to lose its population.

The average player base, which peaked at 709,000 back in February 2016, is now down to 437,000 as of last month. Peak players have declined from 1.2 million down to 733,000 over the same span of time.

While the MOBA is still boasting respectable numbers and is active in the e-sports scene, it doesn’t even break onto the top 10 charts for Superdata’s monthly PC rankings (where competitor League of Legends continues to sit comfortably at the top).

The MOBA pushed out its Feast of Abscession update earlier this month, adding the Pudge Arcana for the butcher and lots of new voiceovers.

Source: MMO Bomb
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Every generation of gamers prefers another genre.

My generation, the 90s kids, grew up with FPS as the big “multiplayer thing”. CounterStrike , Quake, Call of Duty, Battlefield, those were by far the most popular games for teenager between 1995 and 2005s.

The generation after us prefered MOBAs. Dota 1+2, HoN, LoL, that’s what everyone was playing between 2005 and 2015 (I never got into those games though, I sticked to my good old FPS titles).

And now everyone is hyped about Battle Royale, which seems to be the next “big thing”.

I’m sure all these genres will keep a loyal fanbase, same as CounterStrike which is still popular. But eventually all the MOBAs will loose players and shrink quite a lot, as todays kinds will prefer to play other games.

Apparently, computer game genres have a lifecycle of approximately 10-15 years, which is one generation of kinds and “young gamers” (before they start a family and have less time). And the next generation will prefer another genre.


I was born in 1991 and I like both FPS, RPGs, MMORPGs and racing games. But I could never get into MOBAs, even though I tried and Battle Royale, which I knew without even trying that I don’t like at all, but was curious when Fortnite went F2P just to experience it firsthand.

I think that with each generation the games get more and more dumbed-down, with Battle Royale being the dumbest yet.

Dominick Critelli

Still second most popular game on steam, it’s gonna be a slow bleedout.


Why not ask Cliffy B what to do? He has the answer.

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agemyth 😩

Dota 2 is as dead as World of Warcraft.


truth to be told, there was a rumor that one valve game will get a battle royale mod.
well Gaben, where is the mod?


Probably because Valve tried to make some big changes with 7.0 to appeal to casual players in a manner, but the game still has a pretty horrible barrier of entry when it comes to the learning curve. Not only that but the game still has outdated/clunky design features to keep it similar feeling to the Warcraft 3 days.

That and MOBAs are possibly losing popularity at this point. We’ve still only really got LoL, DotA 2, HotS, and SMITE as the big four and nothing else has really come out that’s been able to get big. Battle Royale is currently all the rage. That and I think the crowds that got into these games are growing up and getting tired of them while new blood is being directed more to Fortnite and whatnot.

So Valve’s kind of in a jam with DotA 2 because they pulled out some significant-ish initiatives last year to try and bring more people in, but it doesn’t look like it worked too well and it might’ve hurt their core playerbase as well. They pretty much have to decide if they want to casualize the experience further or create some sort of separate game mode that waters down the complexity. Otherwise leaving it as-is will probably just mean that they’ll continue to struggle to increase their player numbers. The International 8 will probably bring back a surge of activity though, but yeah. Depends ultimately if Valve is okay with numbers dropping or if they want to just go for the numbers game.

Arsin Halfmoon

This is like the third time you’ve used this DOTA 2 pic and for some reason I can’t get tired of it.

I wonder whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Sally Bowls

They are not keeping up with the aggressive promotion of the leaders:

A new kind of ransomware forces you to play PUBG to unlock your files


Touchdalight ” posted a since-deleted video on April 11th, 2018, in which he claimed that for every kill he got in Fortnite, his “13-year old little sister” would remove an article of clothing.” (N.B.: Neither the 13YO nor sister were true.)

chriskovo .

This should be no surprise the player base is either very toxic or very elitist. Never really liked this one, just played it cause friends did. The mechanics are horrible in it it. Having money continually stolen from you when you die just means one team will get continuously snowballed with not chance of coming back. Its just not fun.


Moba’s are fading and battle royales are becoming the new hip genre. Get ready for DOTA 2:Hero Royale.

Sally Bowls

BTW, following the links I got to a commenter that described “BRs as cancer and MOBAS are just HIV” which combines the positive and politically correct responses I expect from gamers.