Ultima Online grants returning veterans F2P bank space – kinda – and bans 83 players


If you trekked back into Ultima Online earlier this month when it converted into a free-to-play game, maybe to check out your old account, you were probably startled to realize that your entire bank was frozen by the gods. Welcome back; oh and by the way, you can’t access any of your stuff! What, you didn’t need any of your gold, runes, gear, or reagents, did you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Needless to say, it annoyed even me when I was swapping between my subbed account and my husband’s freebie account.

Broadsword had said it was still working on the situation, and as of Monday night, a partial fix was on the test server and has since rolled out to the live servers as of today, though it won’t please everyone:

“All Endless Journey accounts will receive a base amount of 20 items (bank expansions can increase the max item count to 28). Any account over the max limit will be able to view their full banks but will not be able to remove any items at this time. In the near future we will be adding the ability to remove items from the bank that are over the set max limit. Please check it out and give us your feedback, if all goes well we will be putting this out to Origin tomorrow and WW by Wednesday.”

In other words, if you’re a free-to-play newbie on a fresh account, you now have a tiny bank box to work from (20 items is enough to get by). But returning accounts still can’t get anything out of their vaults (unless they happened to have fewer than 20 items, which is incredibly unlikely) without subscribing. For now. As players have theorized, this probably isn’t just a trick to get you to sub; Broadsword is just trying to eliminate all potential for resource scripting and hoarding on F2P account. But still.

As for housing on F2P accounts? Not gonna happen, though the apartments thing the official forums are debating would be a fun pipe dream.

Incidentally, the team also says it’s banned a total of 83 players since the conversion, for a range of offenses from multiboxing to macroing. Make sure you refresh on the rules!

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It sounds to me like a difference of expectation. The devs probably intended this version of F2P to be little more than an extended free trial that would lead you to want to subscribe, while some former players may have thought it was going to give them the opportunity to resume the game fully on their former accounts just like before but without having to subscribe any more. Maybe it simply wasn’t explained properly in the first place.

David Goodman

I know it’s mostly nostalgia; I know the game is antiquated and gives no information or help. I kind-of want to go back, try it out, but like this? No. Never; I can’t support this level of restriction, and this poor of treatment to old players coming back.

Until I know if I can withdraw my entire bank so I can at least ORGANIZE it and throw away / give away things I don’t want to bother with. That’s a baseline, minimum acceptable treatment. I’m not against subbing for it, but I refuse to do so out of principal until that’s part of it.


Seems the solution to the bank issue would have been to just make it withdraw only.

Hanthos Taal

Sadly, their idea of free to play is almost as bad as SWTOR. I would have loved to go back, but everything that made UO fun for me is behind the paywall. I’ll pass.