The Daily Grind: What was the most disappointing MMO expansion of all time?


Best and worst, top and bottom: It’s fun to discuss video game in absolute extremes (at times). And I’ll bet that a lot of us only really remember the most excellent MMORPG expansions and the most disappointing ones.

So let’s grouse today and dredge up past heartaches. What was, to you, the most disappointing MMO expansion of all time? A few come to mind for me. Star Trek Online: Delta Rising was a narrative and structural mess that bogged down and made me desert it. I know that I was really let down with how RIFT: Storm Legion developed, faltering hard after a strong start. But probably for me, Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor took the cake. The publicity for it was atrocious, the actual expansion about as far from “fun” as I’ve ever experienced in an MMO, and the difficulty of moving and progressing was aggravating.

But that’s me. How about you? Which MMO expansion do you want to rag on today?

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Oleg Chebeneev

Probably EVE Incarna. We wanted to get much more from walking on stations feature then being stuck in a tiny room with closed doors.

Jeff (das_TAKu)

Honestly the expansion that completely stopped all momentum in a game for me which was Morrowind for Elderscrolls Online. When Bethesda pulled their “This isn’t DLC it’s a CHAPTER” nonsense I had absolutely no interest in supporting them further and not only unsubbed but will never go back to the game again unless something MAJOR changes in their strategy.


Hmm. This is a hard question for me. I’m “guilty” of liking or at least not minding some of the most hated expansions, most notably UO: Renaissance and Cataclysm, though I can definitely understand the hate for both expansions and there are things I hate about Cataclysm. I even liked Warlords of Draenor, but I didn’t play it at launch and didn’t have to suffer through whatever its end-game was. Plus I guess it helped that it was important to a few of my characters for RP reasons. And I wasn’t around for Trials of Atlantis, though I’ve read horror stories.

I almost want to cast my vote for UO: Age of Shadows for its horrendous 3D models alone. I also want to say SWG’s NGE, but I don’t remember if that really counted as an expansion, and the truth was that game was in trouble long before then.

In the end, I think I’m going to go with all of SWTOR’s expansions. If for no other reason than it makes me sad to see additions made to such a broken foundation. SWTOR has improved a lot in many areas and added a lot of things I wanted at launch, but each time an expansion would bring me back it just reminded me of all its fundamental problems that can’t be fixed. But just so my answer is not a complete cop out, I’ll say the expansion that introduced the time jump. I can’t keep track of SWTOR’s expansions anymore so I can’t remember what it was called, but I always hated the time jump.


For me, LotRO’s Mirkwood is the worst one I’ve personally experienced.

First, there is Mirkwood itself. The zone as a whole was small, but it was designed in a really trashy patchwork quilt style. Tiny sub-zones with dramatically different themes that did not transition into one another at all. For me, it signalled an end to building a virtual world, and the start of churning out garbage content for the masses.

Second, the content was lacking. The actual quests inside the shitty zones were poor. There was hardly any group content at all. At the new endgame, we got 2 3-man instances, 1 6-man instance and 1 12-man raid. Thats it. They didn’t even add to it, that’s all we had for about 18 months!

Third, skirmishes…..this was their new, breakout gameplay system. Repeatable instances with tons of trash mobs and a shitty AI companion that you needed to level. Again, another sign that they’d given up on creating Middle Earth and were instead happy to just create new levels for a crappy action/adventure game.

Finally, it was during Mirkwood that the F2P conversion came along and you could tell. There was clearly not enough money to make a proper expansion so some of the money was funnelled into F2P. It sucked and the conversion dramatically reduced the quality of the game.


Rohan with its crappy mounted combat + general combat “revamp” (dumbing down) was the expansion I hated most.


I’ll agree with Storm Legion, but perhaps not for the typical reasons: for me, it was changing the theme of the game from 1) kinda fantasy to full-on tech time travel mech crap, which still persists to this day, and 2) adding the ranged Tempest soul to warrior which for a while made every warrior go tempest b/c the game heavily favors (favored, at least when I played) ranged classes.


Recently, Path of Fire, it much lessened GW2s uniqueness in good open world zones which HoT brought, added very little for me.

But RIFTs expansions were disappointments too, I remember questing and zone events were mostly not as fun to when storm legion came out, and nightmare tide was sloppily made.

Brown Jenkin

I mean there’s some good answers here… But SWGs NGE literally killed that game, right?


Best:Wow TBC
Worst: All swtor expansions


Its a tie for me between UO: Renaissance and how it introduced Trammel. Turned my beach side home I worked so hard for, into a sludge side desert cove with wandering ogres. Got rid of PvP for the Trammel side, this making Felucca not only ugly, but more dangerous now.

The second would be DAOC: Trials Of Atlantis. It was such a straight forward game. Lots of quests to gear up for PvP. The PvP was amazing too. Just lots to do and a lot of PvP options along the way too. Then they added this piece of crap expansion. It was a total grind fest. PvP was ruined because the few who had the time went through a major grind and had the best items. You had to get large groups together to grind for parts of artifacts. You had to travel all over the new lands to find what you need to grind, then commence grinding for many hours. Once you got enough parts together, you could assemble the artifact. Then you had to level the artifact up which required more grinding. The game already had some grinding before hand, but it was what we were used too, which in my opinion was already excessive.


Surprised no one has mentioned Incarna yet! EVE players were literally rioting!

Aaron Weddle

prior to incarna NPC stations in high sec where destroyable incarna is the reason they are not and also the reason why capitals are not allowed in high sec anymore