Warframe debuts a new pet class and an endless game mode

It’s been a long time coming — nearly six months now since its initial announcement — but Warframe’s newest class has finally made it to the live game with the Beasts of the Sanctuary update.

The Khora warframe is partnered up with a lethal Kavat companion and uses a living chain to snare and strangle enemies at a decent range.

Whether or not the pet class warframe excites you, there’s a new endless game mode to keep everyone busy. Sanctuary Onslaught is here, giving players a challenging PvE experience in which waves of enemies have to be killed rapidly and efficiently. There are special rules, including no gear, a prerequisite of Rank 30, and a boss that has shifting tolerances toward ultimate abilities.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks Sophiskiai!
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Tobasco da Gama

Finally jumped into this game yesterday, after watching Raycevik’s new video (and having my resistance worn down previously by Tony Mo’s raving). Now I’m disappointed that I slept on it so long. This is the perfect thing to replace Titanfall 2 for me now that it’s PC community has been whittled down so badly.

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Alex Willis

Welcome to the game! It’s huge and confusing and crazy and awesome. Use the Wiki, play in Public, and grind for Rhino parts ASAP. Have fun!

Zen Dadaist

Sanctuary Onslaught is heaps of fun in a good squad. I cap my daily focus in 1 good Elite run and I’ve already got 1 bit of khora and a couple of bits of the rare weapons. Oh and a crapload of pre-Radianted relics.

Pity it’s prone to bugging out and also that Khora is extremely lacklustre in play despite looking awesome :/

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Alex Willis

Every time I hear Cephalon Simaris’s voice at the start of a mission, “There is a Sanctuary target…“, I get nervous, because I don’t want to let down Disappointed Space Zookeeper Dad. But I do. I always let him down.