Black Desert Online makes amends for ‘disorderly’ patch and plots out a better path forward


Black Desert Online players who were taken aback at some recent and rather sudden changes to the game have the full apology of Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim to console them.

Kim wrote a letter to the playerbase in which he outlines the vision of the game, promising that the developers are taking action to “improve the fundamentals” of Black Desert’s structure to shore up the title.

“If you have to define Black Desert Online into four keywords, it would have to be MMORPG, combat, life content, and open world gameplay. In retrospect, it is true that we were afraid of making radical changes instead of improving and highlighting upon these four key themes,” he said.

Going forward, players can expect to see a lot of work on class balance (especially in PvP encounters), a better path of progression, a more fair node and conquest system, thorough testing, and better communication.

Black Desert is offering a 30-day series of buffs as an apology for the “disorder” of the recent update.

Source: Black Desert Online. Thanks, Carl!

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You can see the dominoes all fall into place on this one.

First they tried to make it so there was incentive to keep pushing progression. You reach a point in this game where each upgrade equates to multiple hundreds of hours worth of effort and it’s really questionable to continue pushing rather than just kinda glide there. So they gave out stat incentives to keep going with lots of attack damage power boosts.

Except that then exacerbated the issue where people were already one comboing people in PvP cause their attack damage was so high. So then they added a massive amount of damage reduction on gearing as well so players could survive longer.

Except that then made certain classes who were already defensive and tanky just be too tanky and defensive and nearly unkillable. So to address that they added a new CC system that made it so you can be CC’d twice from most CC sources rather than giving certain classes advantages via having the right kinds of CC.

Then on top of all this they decided they were going to change up how node wars work to try to address the issues of too many players jamming themselves into a battle each week.

Over all the changes are just too much, too fast. It’s good they’re willing to make big changes to the system to address issues but they really need to get on board with the things the player base are looking for. Making the rich (geared players) richer (with gear boosts) just creates more problems than it solves. A lot are hoping the individual class balance and otherwise will fix things as the game is pretty unfun for most competitive players at this time.

Kickstarter Donor

Yeah its pretty sad because BDO is a stunning game. It just doesn’t have the proper direction for balance of both class and gear.

If they are somehow able to get a good balance on gear for lower GS players and High GS players along with a good step in the right direction on Class balance in this next month of crunch updates for balance we will be sitting well for BDO.

As it stand right now though, I am going to take this month of them crunching balance to take a break from BDO. Let them get it in a state they want it and then come back.

Arsin Halfmoon

I think the Simpsons did this once. Didnt they like introduce a bears to get rid off all the pigeons, and then put in gorillas to get rid of the bears or something? Yeah its basically that

Matthäus Wey

At least I have a feeling they try to improve their game although it might need a raging playerbase every now and then.