Black Desert Online makes amends for ‘disorderly’ patch and plots out a better path forward


Black Desert Online players who were taken aback at some recent and rather sudden changes to the game have the full apology of Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim to console them.

Kim wrote a letter to the playerbase in which he outlines the vision of the game, promising that the developers are taking action to “improve the fundamentals” of Black Desert’s structure to shore up the title.

“If you have to define Black Desert Online into four keywords, it would have to be MMORPG, combat, life content, and open world gameplay. In retrospect, it is true that we were afraid of making radical changes instead of improving and highlighting upon these four key themes,” he said.

Going forward, players can expect to see a lot of work on class balance (especially in PvP encounters), a better path of progression, a more fair node and conquest system, thorough testing, and better communication.

Black Desert is offering a 30-day series of buffs as an apology for the “disorder” of the recent update.

Source: Black Desert Online. Thanks, Carl!
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