City of Titans restructures its development approach thanks to Unreal’s plugins


Due to the scattered locations of City of Titans’ team members, the devs have long since attempted a modular approach to building the superhero MMORPG. However, this format started to “break down,” and the team stepped back to look for a different approach.

This came in the form of Unreal Engine 4.18, which finally allowed its users to attach plugins to other plugins. After that version came out, the City of Titans team had a path forward and spent a few months restructuring the project to function within this new framework. Thanks to the change, the team said that the pace of development should be much better.

“Now that plugins can work with other plugins, all of the various game components can be plugins,” the devs said. “This means that interdependency and modularity are no longer mutually exclusive — they can be both at once […] Because everything is in the same place, everything — to the extent anything this complicated ever does mind you — just works.”

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Cant wait for it to go live :] . I will play all of them when they release.


It is crazy how City of Titans and Valiance seem to have been spinning their tires for so long and yet a relative newcomer like Ship of Heroes appears to have overtaken them in development.

I hope CoT goes well…I’m pumped for ANY super hero MMO to come out that can give the CoH experience (and no that is definitely not Champions), but judging by lack of comments on these games in the last year interest is waning in all but the hardcore fan and that is not a good sign for any business model.

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Wonder how communications are handled between plugins, to get the interdependency?