Durango: Wild Lands set to launch on Android in SEA next month


Amid all of the spring MMO releases that are cropping up, be careful not to overlook what could be one of the hottest of them all. Nexon is preparing to launch Durango: Wild Lands next month, and it could well prove to be one of the strongest mobile MMOs yet.

Durango: Wild Lands is a dinosaur-themed sandbox that is parts ARK and Monster Hunter. It plops players down onto an island covered with prehistoric beasts and challenges them to survive and thrive in both cooperation and competition with other players.

While the launch is confirmed for Android devices, there has been no word yet as to a release date for the iOS version. It launched in Korea back in January, and you can read up on it from our E3 hands-on of last year.

Source: Droid Gamers
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steel hunt

Just want to say this launch is possibly for Indonesia only. There are no news on the official website nor on the facebook which is the primary way for nexon mobile to communicate with players.


Yeah it looks like it may only be launching in Indonesia in May. Hopefully it’s launching everywhere, but it doesn’t look like that so far.