Roblox takes down popular Pokemon-themed MMO

One of the big dangers of granting content creation tools to the community — especially in a game that swings some game revenue back to creators — is the very real possibility that people will try to encroach on licensed and copy protected IPs.

It looks like this was the case with Roblox’s Pokemon Brick Bronze, which touched on a franchise you may know. Brick Bronze was whipped up by a passel of player developers and enjoyed a very strong following (strong enough, in fact, that the game inspired its own wiki).

Nintendo might have gotten wind of the project, hoever, because Pokemon Brick Bronze was taken down on April 18th to be reviewed and quite possibly shuttered forever by the team at Roblox. To make this situation even stickier, there was money involved, and many players are demanding refunds spent on Brick Bronze.

Brick Bronze had a huge following, with tens of thousands of players logging in to enjoy the free Pokemon MMO.

Source: Reddit. Thanks Joe!

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Ben Stone

Fan made stuff is fine, it’s when you start profiting off someone else’s IP that you cross the line.


Of course Nintendo isn’t going to allow that… Why do people waste time and money on making something illegal?

Kickstarter Donor

Someone on Twitter pointed out that it’s against Roblox’s TOS for people to create games or other content using other’s trademarked properties. But, 90% of Roblox is other people’s IP: Superhero Tycoons, Hello Neighbor clones, etc.


I don’t get why people spend all this time and effort on building something they know can’t really stick around long. It’s exactly Pokemon, it’s not even a clever clone with slightly changed stuff. It’s straight out called Pokemon when playing. Monster animations look to be pulled straight out of official Pokemon games.

I also don’t get the people who go in and spend money on the thing seeing it’s not licensed.

Though it has been up and out there for the past 2 1/2 years, so it did get to stay for a little while.