VR-based ARK Park has patched in free locomotion and better tutorials


How’s virtual reality dino land ARK Park doing since its early access launch one month ago? Magic 8 Ball says reply hazy. Steam’s aggregated review score is currently “mixed,” with even even positive reviews admitting the game lacks content and scope, which lines up neatly with our own impressions of the game.

Snail (apparently rightly) believes one of the game’s major problems is the movement system, and it’s just addressed that with what it’s calling a “major update,” which is already being received well by the community.

“One of the biggest issues is locomotion. You wanted free movement so here it is! Our dev team has been working hard on the movement system and now you have the option to choose between teleportation and free locomotion.”

There’s also a controls tutorial for newbies, bug fixes, in-game instructions for using the Gatlin gun, and adjustments to the character creation UI. PlayStation VR players are due to get the update next month.

The game is currently 30% off on Steam for a few more hours.

Need to get your ARK spinoff fix for the day? We’ll be streaming PixARK (not ARK Park) tonight; check back at 9 p.m. EDT!

Source: Steam
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